Expo 2015 survey presentation

5 October 2009

Over the summer a presentation appeared on the Expo 2015 website. It contains the results of an interesting survey conducted on the streets of  Milano to gather public opinions on the Expo 2015. The results are in presentation format, the program used to make it is undoubtedly PowerPoint, and the pdf is freely downloadable by the public.

It is true they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but  “cut and paste” operations do not necessarily make a good slide.  I would like to share my opinion on the graphics and layout of one slide:la-tecnologia

  1. Images with a white background should not be pasted on a dark background, even more so if they are of different sizes. If the template background had been white, the border would not have been visible.  Keep this in mind when you need to paste images with white backgrounds: choose an appropriate template, or, even better,  make the pictures as large as the slide.
  2. The clip-art on the first photograph could have been avoided and a real person photographed instead. Clip-art is out of fashion, especially when used with or near photographs.
  3. The palm device in the other picture, displaying flowers and butterflies, does not give the idea of the real device used to carry out the survey. Why not use a real picture of the PDA or other computer used?
  4. The background comes from an old PowerPoint template; this gives an amateur feel instead of a professional image to the presentation and the Expo 2015 project as a whole.

If you would like my comments on your slides, why not ask for a slide checkup?

p.s. the Expo presentation is no longer available for viewing nor downloading.


One Response to “Expo 2015 survey presentation”

  1. valerio says:

    Sono d’accordo con le tue osservazioni. La sensazione è proprio del lavoro amatoriale e fatto senza cura. Peccato visto che si deve cercare di trasmettere anche visivamente un’immagine di modernità e innovazione.
    Aggiungerei alle tue osservazione anche che nella slide 6 “risultati” il font rosso su fondo blu è il massimo della non leggibilità su video.
    Infine, per quanto riguarda i contenuti, l’ultima slide, quella con il ministro Stanca, è veramente “buttata lì”.
    Sarebbe bastato aggiungere un suo virgolettato, una dichiarazione – non credo si sarebbe sottratto anzi! – (oltre che l’informazione sul suo attuale incarico di Governo…)