How to activate URL Links in Slideshare

12 April 2010

Sometimes presentations include URL links.

URL stands for Universal Resource Locator and is an internet term. It generally refers to a website address such as

If you build a presentation with PowerPoint, the URL link will automatically get underlined, it will appear in a different color and it will be active when you show the presentation with PowerPoint; when you click on it the browser will open and the web page will be displayed. A link which is recognized as a URL by PowerPoint will also be recognized as such when you upload your presentation to Slideshare, the popular site for presentation sharing.  On Slideshare, the URL will lose the underlining, which may make you believe the link is not active, but when you move the mouse pointer over it a hand will appear to show you it’s an active hyperlink.

The actual text displayed does not need to be the exact URL, it can be anything you want, even multiple words, and generally the http prefix is taken away for aesthetic reasons. But if the hyperlink is active and functioning in PowerPoint, it will also be active in Slideshare.  Remember that just typing a website address such as in one of your presentation slides will not necessarily turn it into a hyperlink.  PowerPoint does not know you want a hyperlink unless it sees the http prefix or it can interpret a www prefix.   But you can add the hyperlink yourself to any text by first selecting it and then using the Insert / Hyperlink command.

The same method can be applied to a PowerPoint object, like a rectangle or an image.  Just select the object and use the Insert/Hyperlink command.  This can be useful to place icons with links to your Twitter, Facebook and other social network pages.

Here is a couple of very simple example slides posted to Slideshare.  You can move your mouse pointer to see which pieces of text and which objects have a hyperlink attached, and you can test the links by clicking on them.   The third page has sample social network icons with links, a great idea for the first or last slide of a presentation deck.

Please read this updated post if you are searching for solutions to embed hyperlinks in a SlideShare presentation:


20 Responses to “How to activate URL Links in Slideshare”

  1. Wan says:

    i insert the hyperlink in the slide but when upload on slide share….the link is not clickable….is there anything that i miss

  2. slidecoach says:

    Wan, it takes a little time for the links to be active. What is the URL of the presentation you uploaded?

  3. slidecoach says:

    I also just noticed that the URL does not lose the underlining from PowerPoint/Acrobat, which is a good thing as it makes links more obvious to visitors.

  4. slidecoach says:

    December 2011 update: there are occasional problems with URL links in Slideshare due to their transition to HTLM5. One of my latest test presentations does not work like the you see above. Hopefully the folks at Slideshare will fix this soon.

  5. Jeff says:

    Yea my text links work but when I link to a picture it doesn’t work! Very Frustrating.

  6. slidecoach says:

    Jeff, I have been in contact with Slideshare on this, and they are aware of the problem. They are migrating to HTML5 and this is an open problem.
    Older presentations seem fine but the new ones I uploaded have issues on URL links behind pictures. Hopefully it will be solved soon. I share your frustration!

  7. Lee says:

    I have the same problem with the pictures, i uploaded 50 slides to my slideshare, then only to realise that the picture links werent working :/ i hope it gets fixed!

  8. slidecoach says:

    I chased Slideshare support on this again and got a new presentation fixed. See
    Not sure they will all be ok from now on, but I hope so!

  9. Is there anyway that I can place a rul in the content underneath a video in slideshare. I know a url will not work inside the video but if I could place it in the text beneath the video I think that would work.


  10. slidecoach says:

    If you add a video using SlideShare it will take up the entire slide and the slide is created by SlideShare, so you cannot modify it to add a URL link. You could put the link in the previous or next slide. Maybe some of the PRO features for lead generation might do what you require.

  11. dennis says:

    Hi I have uploaded a few presentations all set with hyperlinks but only a few of them migrate I use the samae method each time .What is happening?

  12. slidecoach says:

    Dennis, if you want to share the URL of your presentation on slideshare, I can take a look.

  13. Rack Smith says:

    I have the same problem, please help me. I can’t make a link. What is wrong with this

  14. slidecoach says:

    Your only working URL is on the title slide. The others are not seen as URLs, not even by Powerpoint. This is because there is not http:// prefix to the url: You can see the link is not seen by PPT because it is not underlined. The full URL on your title page works because it is complete and PPT accepted it.
    Select the text with PPT, and insert a hyperlink to where you want it to go.

  15. Ray Brannon says:

    I am baffled. My links were working in an earlier upload of this presentation. I made some edits, re-uploaded it, and now no working links. I upgraded to pro to collect leads and promote our conference. At first it showed the campaign with an email link in the presentation and now it doesn’t. Any ideas?

  16. slidecoach says:

    Ray, I can understand your frustration, I suggest you get in touch with slideshare support.

  17. Andrew Newey says:

    Thanks for the tip slidecoach. Works like a treat mate! :)

  18. Hey slidecoach
    I am getting quite frustrated on trying to make PDF links work.
    My links work on PDFs, if they are not on slideshare, but when I upload these files to slideshare, the links won´t work.
    Do you have a hint?

  19. This is another example:

    You will see at the top a link (onpage SEO) which works fine outside slideshare…

    Any Ideas, please?

    Alfredo Rodrigues

  20. […] advantage can help boost your site's own search visibility, if you include live hyperlinks in slides– as well as in your Slideshare account info and in the metadata for each presentation you upload […]