Presentation inspiration for web-based self-running shows

29 June 2011

If you often make presentations that are showcased on the web, take a look at this one, announcing the VMware acquisition of SlideRocket.

Nice layout, nice font, nice transitions, and very easy to follow.

Did you catch the bullet points?


Well, reload the page again and think of which content could have been presented with bullets, but was not.

Be inspired!

Another source of presentation inspiration is the NoteandPoint website.

p.s. was acquired by another company so the resources I shared do not work any more. Too bad!


2 Responses to “Presentation inspiration for web-based self-running shows”

  1. Hmmm….. I’m only partially convinced… ;)

    Don’t forget that the font needs to be readable at various sizes. It certainly looks ‘sexy’ when I run it full screen, but unless I do, it’s simply not legible (or maybe my eyes are getting old!) ;)

    That’s one of the problems with online presentations isn’t it…? You can’t control the way things are displayed and it’s a *real* challenge for presenters. There aren’t really ‘rules’ for presenting as such, but whatever the rules are, they’re very different online to face to face.


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