A new tip to fix URL links in Slideshare

4 December 2013

Time flies but URL links in presentations posted to Slideshare are still very popular.

Slideshare example

Ever since I wrote an article over 3 years ago titled How to activate links in Slideshare I have been receiving emails from people asking me to solve their URL link problems in Slideshare.  Today as I uploaded a new file with URL links for a customer, I could not understand why the first 2 URL links were not working while all the rest were fine.  After all, the slides and links were similar.

I went back to the Slideshare Help Center, back to the article which also makes a reference to my previous post (thank you Slideshare!).  I found a new tip which I had not seen before.  This is what it says:

Hyperlinks cannot be on the first three pages of your file

So  now you know another reason why your links might not be working.  Good luck with your URL links!


3 Responses to “A new tip to fix URL links in Slideshare”

  1. Ciao, Alessandra! I have a link on the last page of my presentation (> page 3) which works in ppt and in the PDF created from it, but will not work on my slideshare upload. I am stumped! Any ideas? Presentation link: http://www.slideshare.net/mercartto/8-ways-for-artists-to-successfully-sell-art

    Mille grazie!

  2. Alessandra says:

    Hi Alexa,
    I have looked at your pdf and I don’t know why it doesn’t work. I suggest you contact slideshare support http://help.slideshare.com/requests/new

  3. Alessandra says:

    Another tip from the slideshare help forum states:

    Your hyperlinks may also not work if they are to the left or right hand side of your presentation. The left and right sides of presentations on SlideShare are reserved for navigating the file. The navigation ‘zone’ will supersede any hyperlinks that may be placed in these areas .A possible solution is to place the hyperlinks away from the edges and move them towards the center of your presentation.