About me

Alessandra Cimatti specializes in helping professionals improve their presentations to become more effective communicators. She uses individual coaching, group training, and, for the busy or less experienced professionals, can  build the entire presentation for them.  She also enjoys conducting marketing training courses, with a very practical and hands-on approach.

Based in Milan, Italy, she offers services to clients all over the world and she is also available for in-house training courses on Effective Presentations and Marketing.

Alessandra spent over 25 years in a variety of management roles in multinational Information Technology (IT) companies such as IBM, 3Com and USRobotics, gaining a wide international experience in marketing, product management, sales, business development, training, and support. She has presented at international conferences and exhibitions, press conferences and customer briefings, fine-tuning her presentation and slide-making skills. She knows first hand what it means to prepare and deliver a presentation using PowerPoint slides. She knows and keeps up-to-date on the scientific studies and the leading methods at the base of effective presentations. She has a unique combination of Italian style and design coupled with international business knowledge and pragmatism.

She graduated from the University of Miami School of Business in 1982 with a degree in Systems Analysis and has a Master of Science degree from the London School of Economics.

She has lived in Mexico City, Miami, London and in northern Italy. She has traveled extensively for business and pleasure, spanning the globe from San Francisco to Islamabad, from Moscow to Nairobi and from Lisbon to Tel Aviv.

She is bilingual in English and Italian but also fluent in Spanish and French.

After years in the corporate life, she decided to start her own internet-based consulting business, putting to good use and sharing all the marketing experience and deep knowledge in preparing business presentations.  Why not download her free checklist from the resources page, it provides 15 useful tips to help you make impeccable presentations.

Let me put my strong passion for clarity in presentations and practical marketing to work for you and help your career.

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