12 Questions for your post-presentation analysis

19 September 2016


After every slide presentation performance, do you stop to reflect on how it went? The right time to do this is as soon as possible, otherwise many ideas will disappear and you will not be able to improve your next presentation.

Here are 12 questions to get you going:

  1. Did you run out of time? If so, why?
  2. Did you catch slide content mistakes as you were presenting? Spelling? Typos? Wrong numbers/calculations? Misalignments?
  3. Were there any slides with text too small to read for the audience in the back of the room?
  4. Were there any pictures or colors that did not display well?
  5. Were there any slides were you felt you did not do a good job presenting the message? Why?
  6. Were there any slides that you should delete or add next time?
  7. Were you asked any questions which were hard to answer?
  8. Was the presentation structure clear?
  9. Did the presentation flow?
  10. Do you feel you had rehearsed sufficiently?
  11. Did you feel that your message got through to your audience?
  12. Were there any technical problems with the equipment?

A post mortem routine is a good way to always improve. It’s usually done at the end of large projects to identify things that went well and those that did not.

After the self-analysis, you should modify the presentation so it is ready for the next occasion. If you don’t do it quickly, you will surely forget what needs to change.
Why not set yourself an appointment in your diary within 24 hours of your next presentation to do your post-mortem analysis? Or you could plan to do it on the plain/train trip back home.

If you have other questions that you would add to the list, drop me an email.

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills podcasts – part three

2 December 2015

logos of 3 presemtation podcasts in english

Do you create and deliver presentations?  Do you know that many experts share tips and techniques on their podcasts?  I have found three more related to my work on presentations and public speaking that I want to share with you.

This Moved Me by Sally Koering Zimney. Her mantra is “A good talk can move the world.” Great guests with inspiring ideas for better speeches.

Present Beyond Measure by Lea Pica. She describes it as a “bi-weekly podcast located at the intersection of analytics, data visualization, and digital analytics.”  A few of her episodes include video makeovers.  A very practical podcast, especially if you present data and charts and want to be more effective.

Steal the Show by Michael Port.  A ton of public speaking tips for a variety of situations, based on his latest book titled “Steal The Show“.  Enjoyable episodes that can help everyone in public speaking situations.

When you listen to podcasts such as these you will often hear something you wish to try in your next slide presentation or speech. Don’t forget to pause the podcast and make a note of it before continuing, or you are likely to forget the tip or technique.

If you are into podcasts, you may enjoy reading these older posts with other podcasts I listen to:

Keep in mind that some podcast are a few years old and may not be actively adding new episodes, though old content is still relevant.

If you are learning Italian, try out a few of the ones I mention in the Italian version of this post.

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Best marketing podcasts

29 April 2015

When people meet me on my daily walks and notice I am wearing earphones, they assume I listen to music.

They are wrong.

I am actually an avid podcast listener. Besides public speaking, storytelling and presentation related content, I listen to many marketing podcasts.

Icons of Marketing Podcasts

Here are just a few of my favorite marketing podcasts:

  • Marketing Smarts, by MarketingProfs (B2B oriented)
  • Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch (Small Business oriented)
  • Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner, by Social Media Examiner (the most up to date on social media)
  • Mad Marketing by Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion (you have to hear it to explain it; it is fun, friendly, and very informative, especially the Q&As)
  • Content Marketing Podcast by Resonance Content Marketing (new trends and content marketing advice from Rachel Parker)

Let me know on twitter if you have other suggestions. You can find me as @slidecoach.

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