International presentation and marketing services by Alessandra Cimatti

Do you need to create more effective PowerPoint presentations?

A training course will give you methods, tools and tips to create them quickly and effectively

International presentation and marketing services by Alessandra Cimatti

Are you looking for help to finalize your next presentation?

An online coaching session will give you tips and suggestions for effective slides

International presentation and marketing services by Alessandra Cimatti

Are you worried about an important presentation in English?

A n online rehearsal can give you tips and suggestion to gain confidence:

If you answered "YES", explore these 3 options:


Add value to your presentations and save time preparing them, with a training course at your location. A small investment for greater productivity and communication effectiveness.


Request a personal slide coaching session, when you want and from any location. With my feedback, you will open PowerPoint and know exactly what to modify. Simple.


Don't risk being unclear and ineffective when presenting in English. Book an internet presentation rehearsal. You will know what to modify in the slides and in your words.

then get in touch with me so I can answer your questions and suggest the best option for your needs


Twenty years of international experience in multinational IT companies, with roles in marketing, business development, and training, followed by ten years as an independent consultant and trainer, are a unique skill set my customers appreciate.



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