Sharing PowerPoint presentation on the Internet

It’s become quite common in the days of the Web 2.0 to load personal and professional presentations to Internet sites that showcase and publicize presentations. The first website to offer this service was SlideShare, but others followed. These sites are similar to the famous YouTube and GoogleVideo but they are dedicated to slide presentations, supporting presentations in a variety of formats ( PowerPoint – ppt, pps, pot, pptx, potx, ppsx; OpenOffice – odp, pdf; Apple Keynote – key, zip or pdf).  As the formats supported change, you may wish to visit the support page to get an up-to-date list. I already have some presentations loaded to my Slideshare account (free, by the way). It’s also possible to add and synchronize an audio track to go along with the slides.

Why the sudden interest in publishing presentations on the Internet?

There are many reasons. First of all the free publicity it provides, which can regard personal, business, public or social initiatives or to showcase one’s talents and knowledge in a certain field. Only 3 days after loading a company presentation to SlideShare 260 people had already seen it, and in the months to follow visits have reached over 2700 and it is now the 104th most seen presentation in Italian on SlideShare (out of a total of 4500 presentations). All this free of charge.

Another reason for loading a presentation to SlideShare is the easy way it provides of embedding the presentation on a website or blog, or even on your Linkedin profile. Also important is the possibility of marking presentations as private or public.

It is therefore important to load only effective and well-built presentations in order to attract visitors and/or possible clients, just like print, billboard or TV advertising. Its a question of personal or company image.

To get assistance in building effective presentations, look over my services or training pages.