pptPlex gives structure to PowerPoint presentations

Do you want to give a new and innovative structure to your presentations?

The Microsoft pptPlex Add-in is an automatic way to put some life into the structure of your presentations and use this structure to visually guide the path through the slides. Clear? Maybe not! It’s not easy to describe what this free PowerPoint 2007 plug-in from Microsoft Offic√® Labs actually does.

To view some explanatory videos,  download and try this add-in, here is the link to the website: pptPlex Project by Microsoft. On this page, you will also find other videos and links to the product blog.

I have already downloaded it and tried it. I believe it can be of use when you need to present a project timeline, as it gives an effective way to move forward and backwards in time, with a sort of dynamic zoom feature. In some ways, it reminds me of Prezi, an online presentation tool.