Use SlideRocket to make slides on the web

I have already written about tools that allow slide creation without application software on the pc, no PowerPoint, no OpenOffice, no Keynote. Just a browser an an Internet-connected pc is all that’s needed to use these Web 2.0 services.

One of these tools, Sliderocket, has just finished the beta testing period, and is now officially open to all. There is a free offer and various fee-based options.

Sliderocket says it is compatible with PowerPoint and so I have put this to the test, loading a presentation developed with PowerPoint 2007 to check out how it looks in Sliderocket.

Sliderocket offers two options for importing PowerPoint presentations: the first allows loading without on-line editing while the second option does a full conversion and the result is editable. I therefore loaded my PowerPoint presentation with the second option, and here you can see the result:

(October 2014: embedded presentation deleted as Sliderocket is no longer available)

The resulting Sliderocket presentation is “almost” identical to the one I had uploaded to the Slideshare website: I see just a little misalignment of the numbers (1234), the font that has changed to become Nina Compressed (very similar to the original) and the color of the text has changed from white to black (I was surprised by this).

Effective Presentations Course from Alessandra Cimatti

Overall, Sliderocket seems to be a very usable tool. I will have to do more testing in the future.

p.s. has been acquired by another company so their embeds do not work any more.  Too bad!