PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt

One of the features I like in the latest version of PowerPoint is the one called “SmartArt”. With this feature, a command in the “Insert” menu, you can easily give a graphical look to the text in a slide, for example, a bullet list. Microsoft has provided a good variety of diagrams with the software, but few know what on the Microsoft side you can freely choose some others and download them to your pc. After you have downloaded them you will see them added to the list of available SmartArt, inside PowerPoint. The link to download the SmartArt collection of SmartArt can only be used with Internet Explorer, as is often the case with Microsoft links, but it’s certainly worth it. Here is the link to see and download the new, free, SmartArt graphic elements on the Microsoft site.

Unfortunately, this useful link does not work as of 2017, but some of these additional SmartArt elements have been added to more recent versions of PowerPoint

Below you will find an example of an organizational chart with photographs, created very quickly with the “Picture Organization Chart SmartArt Graphic”, contained in the collection and also in newer versions of PowerPoint.