Flower podcasts

How to promote new flower varieties

Some people might think that podcasting is the domain of high-tech firms. I think that podcasting can be used by any company or professional to promote any type of product or service on the Internet.

Making a video podcast is similar to making an effective presentation with PowerPoint. The software tool used can, in fact, be the same, but further software is needed in the production phase to add audio and make the final video.

Recently I have worked on a couple of video podcasts, both in Italian and English, to promote new varieties of flowering plants. A nice change from the networking world! I have loaded these podcasts on popular Web 2.0 sites like Slideshare , YouTube, and Screencast. I find YouTube to have very good video resolution, while GoogleVideo, for example, reduces resolution and does not show to our satisfaction, so we decided not to use it. Screencast also has good resolution, but it needs a display area of 640×480 to show off its capabilities. My blog has a smaller central column, so the embedded screencast suffers a bit. If you view it in Screencast, it is much better.

Here are some embedding examples, you can decide which displays better. First is Screencast, then YouTube, then Slideshare.

Flowering Pot And Bedding Plants: Part 1 from clamerinforma