Slide zapping?

my_kensington_remoteDuring my training courses on effective presentations, I receive questions regarding the remote control I use to advance the slides.

I am a very satisfied user of a wireless remote made by Kensington. It has a USB dongle that you connect to a USB port on the pc you need to control. The dongle fits inside the remote when not in use. This presentation remote is compatible with Windows computers and Macs.

The model number is 33062, not on sale any longer, but there is a similar one which is model S600 Wireless Presenter, or the Kensington 33374 Wireless Presenter with Laser Pointer. You can see it on the Kensington web site or on Amazon, along with other types of presentation remotes.

When start to notice that the remote control is not advancing the slides in a smooth way, it means the battery is running out of juice and it’s time to change it. This is an easy operation, you just need a tiny Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment. What is not easy is figuring out what battery type to buy, as there are many small circular batteries on the market. Last year I called the Kensington technical support number to ask what battery to buy, but the technician was unable to help me. During the call, as I waited, I was searching for the answer on the internet, and I found the answer before they did! The correct battery is a lithium battery type 2032, available at supermarkets everywhere.

The remote control also has a laser pointer. (the top button). The other buttons are to go forward one slide or back one slide, and the one on below is used to show a white slide, the equivalent of pressing the “W” key in PowerPoint (the letter used is language-dependent).

I recommend the use of a remote control to everyone who makes frequent presentations. It allows the speaker to move around in the room and not have to remain very near the computer or podium.

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