“Private” presentation sharing

If you are working on a slide presentation and would like to show it to someone using a slide sharing service on the Internet, you can upload the presentation to Slideshare and use the Privacy options.  The system gives you three choices for each slide show:

  1. [Public] everyone
  2. [Private] Only me
  3. [Private] all people I follow

You can also tick the check-box and select “give me a secret URL”.  The URL provided can be copied and pasted into an e-mail message to enable selected contacts to view the private presentation.

If you just want to see how a presentation will look in Slideshare, but don’t want anyone to see it yet, just yourself, choose Private (only me) and do get a secret URL.  The private slide show will only appear in your presentation listing.

slideshare privacy options

These options can be modified at any time, so you can change a private presentation to public or viceversa.

An important detail is that Slideshare does not support PowerPoint animations, and has trouble with certain fonts, so if you use animations or unusual fonts, you may not like the result. In this case, it might be better to use an alternative service. I will write about some of these in a future post.