Learning from Steve Jobs: SlideRocket webcast

Yesterday evening I attended a good online webcast sponsored by SlideRocket, an online presentation building application with an advanced feature set.
It is always good to be reminded of the style and techniques used by Steve Jobs in his great presentations.  I use him as an example for the Effective Presentation training seminars I run.

The presentation was divided into 3 sections:

  • Act 1 – create the story
  • Act 2 – deliver the experience
  • Act 3 – refine and rehearse

During the first section, Carmine Gallo, the presenter and author of the book “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs”, offered a suggestion which is “Stick to the rule of three”, which he obviously did by dividing his presentation this way.

Below you can find the slide set from SlideRocket which was used during the presentation. Every slide was created entirely with SlideRocket. Unfortunately, it has no audio, but maybe soon the full recording will be available on the SlideRocket site.

I had suggested to the event organizers to allow Skype dial-in for the audio portion of the web-conference, and they arranged a toll-free Skype number which worked very well.  When called in, there were already 40 people connected using the Skype audio conference.

Thank you, SlideRocket!

p.s. unfortunately, the slides are no longer available. The book is a good one and still available.