Do you stick to the template?

Some thoughts on presentation templates

Many presentations are prepared using some sort of personal or company template. Some are better than others for sure, but that’s another topic. In any case, templates usually define a font, font size, color, position and alignment for the slide title (not the title slide).  Unfortunately, many users don’t pay attention to the template they are using and move, reformat, resize, recolor, etc. the titles on individual slides.
One title is bigger and moved to the left, another is smaller and centered, another has a different color. The result is a presentation that looks unprofessional. Consistency in slide titles results in more professional slides.

You can check this by loading your presentation, going to presentation mode and quickly moving forward through the entire slide set. Watch the titles closely:  do they move or change?  The only thing that should change is the text and the length, everything else should stay the same.  Try it on some Slideshare presentations too and you will see quite a few that do not handle titles consistently.

What can be done?

Use the slide master and define in advance how you want ALL your titles to appear.  Take the longest title you have and decide the font size and positioning for the title in the master slide. Decide if all titles are going to be on one line only or if you will have double line titles as well.  In the case of both, decide the vertical alignment of the title text box to keep them all consistent and move as little as possible.

Do you need assistance?

If you want a hand to bring consistency to your presentation, I offer many services that can help: presentation check-ups, online coaching (maybe just to fix your template), and effective presentation training. Head over to the Services page and take a look.  Or just get in touch and tell me what your needs are.