Storytelling in Marketing and Sales

power-of-story-video is a web service for creating and sharing multimedia presentations. The company holds a presentation contest each year for its customers called “Sharkie Awards”, and the winning presentations are showcased on the company website.

Not all winning presentations are good, but there is one that is definitely worth taking a look at. It is the winner in the Marketing category. The presentation was developed by a company called Corporate Visions, specialized in Customer Message Management.  It is titled “How to tell a story that sells”.
It’s both a well-constructed presentation and a lesson in how to build sales presentations/messaging, which should be centered on the prospect and not on your company. Don’t miss the fun video on slide 21!

If you like the concept of “Customer Message Management” may I suggest you register and watch the free Corporate Visions Instant Webinar titled “How to Create Preference, Not Parity, in Your Value Propositions”. You will find great insights here as well, coupled with an appealing presentation style.