Six ways to use QR codes in your presentations

QR Codes (like the one below) go hand-in-hand with smartphones and mobile users.

Can they also be used in presentations?

Here are my six suggestions for presenters, trainers, teachers and speakers who want to start using their own QR Codes:

  1. Insert a QR Code on the last slide of your presentation which includes a link to your contact information (a Vcard) or Linkedin profile
  2. Insert a QR Code on a slide with a link to the current presentation on Slideshare or to your profile on Slideshare
  3. Insert a QR Code on a slide that links to a special offer or bonus materials only for participants
  4. Add value to the course participant handouts by inserting QR Codes with links to specific multimedia resources
  5. Insert a QR Code on a slide or handout pointing to a feeback form or participant survey.
  6. Insert a QR Code on slides containing quotes, to send the audience to the source. This is the method used by Maria Popova and you can see her presenting using these types of slides in this post. Advance the video to 1:03 to see the first slide of this type, which I have copied here below, but she has more like it in her talk (very interesting, btw).

qr code on slide by Maria Popova

QR codes are easy to make and easy to read,  but it’s important that any internet content they point to is appropriate for viewing on a mobile device.

Have you come across any other ways of using QR codes in presentations?

If you don’t have a Smartphone but wish to see what appears on an iPhone when you read the QR Code above,  here is the screen capture of the link to my Linkedin profile:

Linkedin profile for Alessandra on iPhone

How do you make a QR Code?  This article can help you.