Crowdsourcing experiment for my conference title

Have you ever found it hard to decide on a title for a conference presentation?

You have a few ideas in mind, but deciding among them is hard?

This is what happened to me recently, and I decided to give crowdsourcing a try. I set up a free survey using SurveyMonkey and spread the link using email and social media.

Here are the titles that I suggested (they sound better in Italian!):

  1. Internet Marketing: 5 challenges to win in the market
  2. Internet Marketing: an opportunity for growth with customer intimacy
  3. Internet Marketing: how to use it effectively to grow your company
  4. Internet Marketing: how to grow your company by getting close to your customers
  5. Internet Marketing: the new road to business growth
  6. Internet Marketing: the new challenge to make your company grow
  7. Using Internet Marketing to promote your company in Italy or abroad

Some survey participants also entered their suggestions in an optional field:

  • Internet Marketing: 5 new roads to win in the marketplace
  • Internet Marketing: new business opportunities in moments of crisis
  • How Internet Marketing can help you to find new customers (… or better ones)
  • Internet Marketing: use it now, or wait for your competitors to do it?
  • Growth and globalization: today they are done with Internet marketing

I like these as well, but I decided to respect the majority vote.

The winning title for my conference was

Internet Marketing: 5 challenges to win in the market with 47% of the votes

The second place went to n.4 above with 26% of votes, and the third place to n. 3 above with 10% of the votes.

I presented this conference at a local Rotary Club meeting on May 29th.  The feedback from business professionals and entrepreneurs present was very positive, so I hope that they will adopt the new marketing methods and the new mindset that I suggested. I uploaded the presentation to Slideshare and you can see it on the Italian web marketing training page of this website.

In the photograph above I am talking about the social network Quora, a useful source of content ideas.