My favorite marketing podcasts

logos of my 3 favorite marketing podcasts

I’ve been an avid podcast listener since I got my first iPod years ago. I  listen primarily while exercising, walking, and ironing (my least favorite activity!). I’ve gone from first generation iPod, to iPod Touch to iPhone 4 and iPad.

The topics I like are many, but on the marketing side I currently recommend these 3 podcasts to my readers and clients:

  1. Marketing Smarts by Marketing Profs. Recently I enjoyed the video podcast titled “Networking for Introverts and Other Tips from B2B Forum Keynote”.
  2. Online Marketing & Communications Podcast by Jon Buscall from Jontus Media. As an example, the episode titled “A Digital Marketing Case Study by Robert Wilson” provides a fantastic content marketing interview with a British architectural firm.
  3. Content Marketing Podcast by Rachel Parker

They are all easy to listen to, do not waste my time, and provide many practical tips and insights.  I use iTunes to download new episodes automatically, but just in case you don’t, the links above go to the websites, not to the iTunes store.

In a future post I will share other podcasts, in particular those that are tied to presentation skills.

Would you recommend any other marketing podcasts?  Please use the comment area below to share your favorites.