My favorite public speaking podcasts

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When I published a list of my favorite marketing podcasts a few weeks ago I promised a post with a list of podcasts related to Public Speaking.

To prepare this post, I searched again on the Internet and in ITunes to see if I had missed any, I listened to a few more, but my resulting list is still fairly short. In English, these are the podcasts I currently subscribe to:

  1. The Public Speaker”s Quick and Dirty tips for improving your communication skills, hosted by Lisa B. Marshall. I have been a subscriber for some time now, and I like Lisa’s style.
  2. The Toastmasters Podcast, the official podcast of Toastmasters International: a recent discovery with some good episodes with useful tips.
  3. The Digital Coach by Distinction Cmmunication: not many episodes, but some good old ones are available.
  4. Eat the Lens Podcast, by McGrath Communication: very short tips.

If you are interested in Italian podcasts on public speaking,  take a look at the Italian version of this post.

If you are nervous about an upcoming important presentation, take a look at some of my services.

If you listen to some interesting podcasts on this topic, please share in the comments area.

This post series will continue with suggestions in other categories.

January 2015 update:  I published a new post with further public speaking and presentation skills podcasts, you might want to check it out.