3 Linkedin errors that you should not make – PHOTO

In almost 10 years of Linkedin usage and coaching companies on its use, I have seen many mistakes, some of which are easier to avoid than others. This series of 3 posts highlights 3 errors I see people make on Linkedin. Luckily, all three are easily fixed.

1. Personal Photo

Linkedin is a professional social network, while Facebook is a multi-purpose social network that is primarily used to keep in touch with relatives, friends and various people we meet through the years.

The picture you use in your Linkedin profile can be the same one you use in Facebook, but only if it a professional and sharp. It should portray your face as a close-up and not include other people.  It should not portray you with your children or your partner, such pictures are better shared on Linkedin. Think of a picture you would be proud to use on your CV/resume.  That’s the type of picture you want to use in your Linkedin profile.

Your Linkedin picture is important because it also helps people to recognize you at business events, tradeshows and conferences.

Come back next week to read the next error. Meanwhile, check your picture!