A second Linkedin error you should not make – LANGUAGES

To continue on my series of posts describing common Linkedin profile errors, after last week’s post covering the profile photo, this week I will cover languages.



I like the fact that you can specify the foreign languages you know on your LinkedIn profile. The system requires you to choose a proficiency level for a foreign language. The error that some non-native English speakers make is to write their profile in English, state a high level of knowledge of the English language, and then, when you read their profile, you immediately notice grammar and spelling mistakes. If your language knowledge does not match the writing in your profile, you disqualify not just your language level, but also other skills you list in your profile.

Linkedin makes you choose among five language proficiency levels:

  • Elementary proficiency
  • Limited working proficiency
  • Professional working proficiency
  • Full professional proficiency
  • Native or bilingual proficiency

Check your profile again, and be honest on your language proficiency level.