Third LinkedIn mistake: UPDATES

This is the third post in a series devoted to LinkedIn errors I see people make. It regards personal updates.


LinkedIn allows members to publish updates which are then seen by all contacts in their news stream. Most people do not use this feature, but a few abuse it.

Be careful: do not exaggerate with updates and do not publish too many frivolous or low value updates.

I recently noticed one of my contacts that posted EIGHT Linkedin personal updates in ONE hour. These updates ended up appering in my news stream one after the other. And I have over 500 connections who could be posting updates, but nobody else managed to get between this person’s updates.

Eight in an hour is too much.

I would almost call this spamming. You are not the only contact I have. Leave room for others, please.

I believe that a couple of good updates per day is sufficient to keep you name in the mind of your contacts. Even better if they are not posted one right after the other. Space them out during the day. This will also help people in different time zones to see one of your updates.

Another error with updates is not choosing carefully what to write or repost. Ask yourself if what you are about to post will be of true value to your contacts, or if it is just news that would be more suitable for Facebook.

Did you know that your contacts can decide to hide your updates?

It takes a few mouse clicks and your contacts will not see what you are posting, and you will not know about this. I have a dozen people in my HIDE list.

I will describe how you can easily hide a member’s updates in a future post.

If you missed the two previous posts on LinkedIn errors, here is an easy way to access them:

If you notice other mistakes people make on LinkedIn, why not add a comment below? You could also do them a favor and tell them. I did this with the person who posted 8 times in one hour and he thanked me. He did not realize how his updates were showing up in his contacts’ news stream.