Company presentation structure for clients

The classic business presentation that is often seen at conferences or published on the company website is very often composed of a series of slides that do not interest a lot of potential customers. It looks a lot like the first pages of an annual report, ok for investors and stockholders, but less so for potential clients. After seeing a couple of slides, they give up and move on to another site or turn to a game on their smartphone.

audience member caught browsing smartphone at a conference

Why do I say this?

Because it is centered on the company, and not on the potential customer. It talks about the  company history, the locations, the founder,  the mission, the vision,  etc.. all things that are of no interest to a potential customer. The client is looking for a solution to his problem. Then, if he sees that the company can solve his problem, only then he might be interested in knowing a bit more about the company.

My advice to you is this: start the presentation by focusing on customer problems and how you solve them, then go to the information about the company.

Talk about their issues first, then your solutions, then about you.