Developing company presentations for a convention

conference room hotel used for convention

Many medium and large businesses organize a convention every year for their distributors, resellers, integrators, partners or agents.  For these occasions, the company prepares a series of PowerPoint presentations to talk about results achieved, future industry trends, organizational news, details of new products and services about to be launched, and marketing programs to support the sales channel. The event is an important networking occasion but also a source of inspiration and commitment for the audience. It is often followed by individual meetings where partners confirm their cooperation and define sales forecasts, so defining presentation content and messages is extremely important.

Here is my tip for these types of presentations: verify if there is an underlying theme that can act as a  unifying idea for the event, and don’t forget to use it in the PowerPoint presentations. A theme could be a word, an image, a slogan. Having a theme and using it in the company presentations can reinforce your strategic vision for the new year and make it stick in the mind of the audience.

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