Public Speaking & Presentation Skills podcasts – part two

images on itunes of 3 podcasts

One of the most popular posts in my blog is titled My favorite public speaking podcasts, so I have decided to write an update, listing more podcasts that might be useful to public speakers, consultants,  trainers and presenters worldwide.

I find that continuous learning is a key part of my personal and professional development, and podcasts are an easy way for me to learn. I find out about new authors, new experts, new books, new resources, new tools, new shortcuts and much more. I listen to podcast while exercising, doing house chores and cooking.

Here are three new entries in my iphone podcast app:

1. The Rad Presenters Podcast

This podcast kicked off in October 2014 but all episodes to date have been good and useful.  I highly recommend it. The hosts are Stephanie Evergreen and Jonathan Schwabish: they make a great team and bring a lot of useful information to listeners. They are passionate about the subject, speak from experience,  and are great at interviewing their guests.

2. The Ethos3 Podcast

Scott Schwertly is the host of this one, he heads a presentation design firm in the USA, and his podcast started in May 2014. Another great one to listen to, there is always at least a good tip in each episode.

3.  What the Speak Podcast

Bryan Kelly has done over 60 episodes with great guests.  He has a video version and an audio version of the podcast.  Even though no new episodes have appeared since July 2014, if you have never heard it you will get good tips from old episodes.