Where can I find free images for my presentation?

3 Websites and 3 Add-ins to find the perfect image

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This is the question that I always get during my Effective Presentations training courses when I talk about how to use images in slides.

I will not provide a long list of sites because I know that most people will be overwhelmed and not go through them all.  I have selected 3 websites and 3 PowerPoint Add-ins that you might not be familiar with.

3 Websites for free images

3 PowerPoint Add-ins for free images

An Add-in is an extension to PowerPoint that you can download and install. A few of these exist to allow users selection and download of free images, right inside PowerPoint. This is very convenient for users, as you don’t have to open a browser, remember the website, search for an image, download it and insert it into the slide.

Here are 3 PowerPoint Add-ins that I use:

Installing an Add-in is easy, just follow the instructions on the pages linked above. They are all in the Microsoft Office store and work with PowerPoint version 2013 and newer versions.  They also work with Microsoft Office Word.

There are PowerPoint image Add-ins also from image sites such as Shutterstock, who sell their images. You can install this as well, and use even just it for image inspiration.

If you try my suggestions, let me know what you think.  You can find me on twitter as @slidecoach.

Happy searching!