Presentations as a sales and marketing tool

What benefits do they provide?

  • Presentations allow you to organize your thoughts, your evidence, your storyline.
  • They allow you to prepare and show attention to a client, professionalism. A well-built presentation shows you are not a beginner, that you take professional meetings seriously and that you prepare with care. This is particularly important in new environments, especially in foreign countries.
  • In a sales context, using presentations helps you to be seen by the clients not as a typical salesperson, but as a consultant, trainer or expert, with all the credibility advantages this entails.
  • Customizable: a presentation has the advantage of being totally customizable, to be built ad hoc for each client or situation. It is not fixed or printed, like a brochure or an ad. You can modify it and correct it up to the last minute and from one event to the next.
  • Modularity: it can be built with modules, so as to offer different paths, depending on audience needs or time at your disposal.