Clients include:

Acquaflex (Italy), Angel (Mer Mec, Sitael, Blackshape), Autodesk (Italy and EMEA), BASF South Europe, bChannels (UK), CNOS/FAP (Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto), Ravenna Chamber of Commerce, CSI Piemonte, IBSA – Institut Biochimique SA (Switzerland), Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching (USA), Pentagono Editrice, Scott Circle Communications (USA), Sorin Group/Livanova (Italy), Tech Data (Italy), Tellabs (EMEA and USA), VMware (EMEA).

What some of my customers say about my services

Online PowerPoint Presentation Coaching

“For years, I had been fumbling my way through marketing presentations about my business – I created graphics on my own and used basic templates and language – everything was just ‘good enough,” but not great. Then I met Alessandra at Slide Coaching. She made our presentation clean, sharp and professional. And most important – she got us to focus our messaging and our content. Now I present our marketing deck with confidence and I get fantastic feedback. I’m forever grateful to Alessandra.”

Laura Gross, June 2019
President, Scott Circle Communications


“I turned to Alessandra/ because my biggest prospecting conference was coming up, and one of my fellow attendees, a presentation coach, had told me, many times, that my presentation style was great, with nothing to change…but that my slides were not as professional or effective as my style.

I got an email from around ten days before my presentation, and thought “Hm, this must be a sign from the Universe.” So I felt compelled to reach out. We started by my sending Alessandra my slides, and we immediately booked a Skype conference. “Ken” she said kindly, in her beautiful Italian accent, “I’m afraid your slides are not very good.”

Well, I knew she was right.

She walked me through all the recommended changes, and I agreed to each one. These included slashing the copy even further, using more effective illustrations, putting some thoughts in “Notes,” and creating a theme so that all slides looked part of a whole.

Made sense. The problem was we were leaving in two days for a four-day weekend. So I knew the wiser decision was to have Alessandra do all the changes.

We went on our trip, and when we returned, the slides were in my inbox. (They were actually there, two days before promised.)

She did a great job. Not only did she do everything she said she would, but she added intro and closing slides with my picture and contact information, and used the colors from my logo.

The slides looked so great, and I used the remaining time to rehearse my presentation. (I’m a big believer in rehearsal.) As a result, I was brimming with confidence, knowing that my presentation style was on target and that my slides were as good as my presentation. This gave me even greater confidence, which improved my performance even more. And the feedback has been enthusiastically positive.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their slides to be as good as their ideas!”

Ken Jacobs, ACC, CPC, May 2018
Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching

“Before reaching out to Mrs Cimatti at Slide Coaching, I was in a position where I had to create yet another Powerpoint, delivering a message I felt I had already delivered several times in my organization.  So I was feeling unmotivated and frustrated with myself that perhaps my previous presentations of the material had been ineffective.  So I wanted a different way to approach it, not just a Powerpoint, but something that would be meaningful and a draw to action.   I knew what I wanted to say, but the information content was so overwhelmingly vast, I could not figure out how to organize and articulate the thoughts I had in a more effective way.

I reached out to Slide Coaching with only a little time left (because I procrastinated so much), and I sent over a draft.  From just the draft of my presentation, Mrs Cimatti was able to give me very specific coaching and ideas on how to reformat my slides.  She suggested how to simply, yet maintain the content depth I was going for.

As a result of reworking my slides, taking in all of her suggestions, my presentation went better than I could have expected.  It was an engaging conversation that provoked a level of interaction I had not seen before.  I planned for 1 hour and it took 4 hours!  But that is because the audience wanted to hear and see more.  They wanted to know what else was on my agenda to present.  Something was different – they were actually able to grasp the info I was presenting in a different way.   It was simplified, and it forced me to speak more and put myself out there more, and not have the audience just read (which had been less effective in the past).  I didn’t do distracting graphics that added no value, but I knew what I wanted to show, when to animate, and when not to animate, and it took the presentation to another level.

I’m really glad I reached out to Mrs Cimatti with Slide Coaching, because if nothing else she was a motivator and a reminder to deliver quality content in a meaningful manner.  I didn’t do this as an employee of my company, I did this as a means to sharpen my own presentation skills.  So I would say anyone could work with her.  She was quick with her feedback and specific with what I could do differently.  Whether on an individual level or with a large company, her services would be extremely valuable.

Do it!  Getting an extra set of eyes on your slides is never a bad idea.  But working with a professional is invaluable.  And she didn’t even know the content or the area I was presenting in, so that actually made a big difference too.  It was unbiased professional feedback.  And it worked!”

Kimberly Baker, September 2016

Effective Presentations training course (3 days)

“We got people from our Sales & Marketing Division trained from Alessandra on how to create effective presentations. All attendants feedback were enthusiastic.
Even more important, we got a lot of congratulations and appreciations from our customers for the high-quality level of our sessions!”

Laura Bernasconi
IT Systems, QA, Training Group Supervisor @ IBSA Institut Biochimique sa (Switzerland)
June 2014


Practical Marketing for SMBs training course

“Dear Alessandra Cimatti, I would like to express, on behalf of my colleagues as well, our satisfaction for the Practical Marketing for SMBs course that you held at our company. We particularly appreciated your ability to provide food for thought perfectly suited to the particular markets (industrial water treatment and paper manufacturing processes) in which we operate.

We are sure that the content of this course, discussed and put into practice, will allow us to strengthen the economic and cultural growth that has always been part of our company.”

Dr. Paolo Da Meda
Technical Marketing Manager
Acquaflex srl
May 2013

Personal coaching for presentation development

“Have you ever had the experience of being notified one day before an event that a “slot” has finally been allocated to you and you are scheduled to speak in front of a very important audience TOMORROW?
Well, this is a situation where Alessandra coaches you, comforts you, makes suggestions and supports you with her clear vision of the concepts, messages and emotions that are transmitted by the slides you initially put down, and with her help you have clarified, improved and organized in order to “guarantee” the successful transfer of the right message, in the right way, with the right timing and sequence.
Give her a try… and you will experience the results…”

Marco Radice
Management Consultant
October 2012


Tellabs Inc. (EMEA) –  presentation restyling

“At Tellabs, we have a range of services that we sell to our customers. Every service has at least a presentation and data sheet to support it. In addition, we compile and create solution offerings for our customers, the presentations for which are partly generated using the slides from the individual service presentations.  These presentations were created at various times during the previous two or three years. During that time, the company had changed its PowerPoint template as well.  So, we had a situation where we had a number of presentations that were not graphically consistent and some of the presentations themselves were very heavily text-based, lacking graphics and imagery. At the same time, we were resource constrained – my team didn’t have the time to update all the presentations.

It was a relief to engage Alessandra’s services to take on the project. She was able to create attractive presentations, with a consistent image. Given her expertise, she created a set of presentations that were superior to what we would have had if we’d attempted to do all of them in-house. She also simplified the messaging, primarily because she brought an objective outsider’s eye to the process. We received a graphically strong, attractive set of presentations that has brought uniformity in how we produce new material as well as brushing up our existing library.

Every business that uses presentations should avail themselves of Alessandra’s services. Just as long as that doesn’t make her too busy to take on our next project.”

Rory Choudhuri
Global Services Marketing Manager
Tellabs Inc.
January 2011

Autodesk (EMEA) – marketing workshops for channel partners

  • Marketing Fundamentals (2 days)
  • Effective Web Marketing (1 day)
  • Effective Event Marketing (1 day)

“Alessandra led three training workshops for Autodesk’s Italian channel partners on Marketing Fundamentals, Web Marketing and Event Marketing. A knowledgeable and passionate trainer, she presented a mixture of principles and tools that partners can use immediately to grow their businesses with better marketing. She skillfully led class discussions and group exercises which allowed participants to practice using the tools and learn from each other. The feedback we received from participants was excellent. Everyone went home with new ideas, tools and a list of action items to put into practice.”

Gabriella Carloni
Autodesk Channel Marketing Manager – Italy
September 2011

“Alessandra led trainings for our channel partners on the following subjects: web marketing and event marketing. She added to the content many good examples and best practices, presented how to use some of the tools and where to find them, how to increase the efficiency of the web and events activates. She also had some practical experiences on web marketing, which allowed her to increase the credibility of the training. Alessandra managed also to get all the attendees involved.”

Grazyna Kolodziejek
Autodesk Country Marketing Manager – Poland
March 2012

CSI Piemonte (a large public sector IT consortium in Italy) – 2-day Effective Presentations workshop.

“Alessandra is a highly experienced trainer. Her lessons and ideas are well presented (of course!) and offer a valuable tradeoff between theory and exercises. I hope we could work together again”

Matteo Lo Bue, CSI Piemonte
March 2009


Ravenna  Chamber of Commerce (Italy) –  Seminar on “How to build effective presentations with your pc to promote your activities in Italy and abroad”

“Alessandra’s seminar drew such a large number of participants that we had to find a bigger venue. Feeback was very positive and participants would like more of the same.”

Cinzia Bolognesi
Project Manager SIDI-Eurosportello
April 2009

Some of my Presentation Checkup  Customers

  1. A telecommunications company in India, presenting a new partnership proposal.
  2. A Training and Development specialist in Ireland working for a multinational company, needing to present a new project to the management team.
  3. The owner of a training and documentation services company in California, needing to revise a marketing PowerPoint to send out as a promotional item to customers.
  4. Steve Halpin, a self-declared “novice PowerPoint user” from a Dublin, Ireland Six Sigma training consultancy that uses presentations all the time in his training sessions to customers says “I recommend this service from Alessandra. she keeps feedback simple and to the point. The advice has helped improve our presentations with the aim of keeping our audience focussed on the speaker and the message.”
  5. A full-service communications agency based in New York City, to get expert external feedback on a new business presentation.
  6. A leadership coach in Marietta, Georgia who wanted to improve a training presentation for the education sector.
  7. A non-profit organization in Rome, Italy with limited PowerPoint experience needing help to improve a fundraising presentation to use with potential sponsors says “Congratulations on the service. PowerPoint is unknown territory for many of us (cultural associations and non-profits) not used to working with presentations. We’ll have to get used to them because, in our relationships with businesses and institutions, there is a need for a more professional approach. Thank you!”
  8. An IBM Systems Architect in Milan, Italy who wanted some feedback on a presentation to potential customers at a large industry conference says “I took advantage of this service and received interesting feedback to improve the layout and the flow of my presentation. I will put your suggestions to good use. Thank you, Alessandra!”
  9. Alessandro from an internet startup in Milan, Italy who needed some advice on his company overview presentation says “A very professional Alessandra Cimatti has quickly responded to my request and in a few days returned important feedback to improve the quality of my communication.  A really coherent and professional job. “
  10. An IBM Business Partner near Milan, Italy, needed some pointers to improve the official company overview presentation.

Comments from one Web Rehearsal customer

“I was invited by a university to give a talk to an audience of students and professionals. This was the first time I had ever spoken at such an event, so I was a little nervous about preparing for it. I engaged Alessandra via Skype to for two web-rehearsal presentations. During each rehearsal presentation, Alessandra listened carefully to my presentation and gave valuable feedback about my storytelling skills as well as slide imagery that I incorporated to make my presentation more clear and engaging. After the second rehearsal, I felt so comfortable with my material, I decided I didn’t need any presenter notes.   Thanks to Alessandra, at the final presentation I felt relaxed and confident that I had a great story to tell.”

Industrial designer, August 2011