Are my services right for you?

If you can relate to one of the 3 profiles below, maybe we should connect.

1. Are you a small or medium B2B company, with a strong engineering or technical focus but limited marketing skills?

You focus primarily on your products and R&D, but your marketing methods are not particularly effective at bringing you more customers and fighting the competition.

I help companies like yours with

  • assistance for building more incisive PowerPoint presentations to use in front of prospects and at industry events. Learn how to make them with individual online coaching.

2. Are you a busy executive, constantly on the road presenting inside and outside your company?

You get a feeling that your slides do not communicate effectively, your audiences get distracted and don’t pay attention, but your PowerPoint skills are limited and your time is too valuable.

I help professionals like you with

  • presentation structure, content and slide design. I can review your current presentations and give you suggestions to turn them into more effective versions that your audiences will appreciate because they are clear and well designed. I can coach you to build a PowerPoint template that will unify the design of all your presentations.
  • web rehearsals, to try out an important speech and get feedback on slides and speech. This is done online using Skype or other technology.

3. Are you an international marketing manager?

You coordinate the development and update of sales and technical presentations from the various product managers. Unfortunately, they are not so skilled at preparing effective slide decks.

I help managers like you with

  • presentation development coaching, online or in person. After more than 20 years in the IT sector (software, networking, hardware) in a variety of roles (marketing, product management, sales, technical support, training) I am able to understand your struggle and can give knowledgeable assistance.

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Client data is a valuable asset, and your presentations and other materials provided will be confidential and not distributed or shown to anyone without your consent.