Basic Slide Checkup

I offer a personal analysis of your presentation. I call it a slide checkup. You can read what some of my clients have said about a slide checkup on the Clients page.

This is the easiest way to get the feedback that is essential to your success with an important presentation. Remember that everyone gets too close to their own work to notice errors and mistakes. Accepting feedback is part of the success of any professional, at any level, as I learned from Prof. Quentin McAndrew.

Description of service

  1. We have a short initial complimentary call/e-mail to talk about your presentation.
  2. You send me your presentation, preferably in PowerPoint format.
  3. You get a written report with a series of practical suggestions/comments to improve your slide presentation, both from a content effectiveness point of view and from an aesthetic point of view.
  4. The written checkup report is sent back to you within 48 hours of my confirmation email.

Contact me for further information if you are interested in this service.  All presentations will be treated as confidential material and not shared with anyone.