Web presentation rehearsal

Would you like an expert to listen to your presentation rehearsal?

Have you been asked to speak at an important industry or company event?   Are you nervous because you have little time to prepare but want to make a good impression and stand out among all the speakers?  Maybe this service is for you.

microphone photo from marqs @ photocase.com

Sometimes the content of a presentation is obvious and clear to the person preparing it but not to the audience. This is difficult for the speaker to realize unless he/she practices giving the entire speech with the slides to an impromptu audience (hint: looking at the slides on the screen and thinking of what you will say is not the same thing).   Nevertheless,  presenting to a colleague or a family member will not give you the same feedback that a presentation expert can provide. A coach knows what to watch for and how to hand-hold you in the right direction in order to improve.

This service allows you to connect with me using an Internet web conferencing system (for example, Skype). You will receive detailed comments on your presentation, slide images, composition, spelling, diction and pronunciation which will allow you to make your presentation a lot more effective.  Full instructions for connecting via web conference will be provided.

presentation consulting services using Skype

This service can be used both in English and in Italian. The session is usually one hour in length and can be recorded so you can listen to it later.  Date and time of the web conference can be defined at a mutually agreeable date and time.

Read why a customer who used this service felt relaxed and confident when he got on the stage to present after using this service:

“During each rehearsal presentation, Alessandra listened carefully to my presentation and gave valuable feedback about my storytelling skills as well as slide imagery that I incorporated to make my presentation more clear and engaging. After the second rehearsal, I felt so comfortable with my material, I decided I didn’t need any presenter notes.”

We all can do better when someone with an objective yet expert eye can observe, listen and offer feedback to speed up improvement.

Keep in mind these three truths, learned from Prof. Quentin McAndrew:

  1. Feedback is essential to success
  2. Everyone gets too close to their own work
  3. Being a professional means being willing to accept feedback.

Contact me for more information if you are interested in this unique service or a similar service but on-site.  In this case, your presentation can be video-recorded.

Photo credit 1: marqs-photocase.com