Effective presentations training

Effective 1 October 2019 this course is no longer offered.  Remote presentation coaching is still available.

Effective Presentations Course from Alessandra Cimatti

Who should attend?

All professionals that want to make presentations that are clear, effective and persuasive would benefit from signing up for a training session.

For example:

  • Marketing, PR and sales managers
  • Executives and managers at all levels that speak often in public, both inside and outside their company
  • Sales representatives and agents
  • Secretaries and administrative assistants that prepare presentations for their managers
  • Researchers, planners, professors, trainers and technical staff in both public and private institutions.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners that want to present their activities in their country or abroad.


I’ve designed the training to be modular so as to allow the greatest flexibility. There are three modules: A, B, and C. Each module provides finished skills at different levels. Those who are interested can attend one or more modules of their choice, even though the recommended sequence is: module A + module B + module C.

Modulo A is a prerequisite for B and C. This is because it provides participants with the theoretical foundations, the methods and the best practices to approach and get the most out of the remaining two practical modules.

If your time is limited, I also offer a one-day basic training course on effective presentations. If you are interested, get in touch.

Module A

Topics covered:

  • Presentations as a marketing tool
  • Studies and scientific research on multimedia learning, the foundation for the methods
  • Details of state of the art methods and approaches to building effective presentations.
  • How to do audience analysis
  • Case study analysis using real presentation examples
  • How to build effective slides: style and tools
  • Presenting to inform or to persuade?

Skills acquired by participants

  • At the end of the module, you will know the results of research studies pertaining to multimedia learning, their application to presentation building, and the latest methods to build presentations that can achieve the communication objectives.
  • You will have learned new techniques and guidelines to use them appropriately.

Duration: 1 day

Module B

Topics covered

  • How to use the Internet to build, enhance and showcase your presentations
  • Practical PowerPoint tips and techniques (version 2007. 2010 or 2013)
  • Slide makeover exercises on a personal computer
  • Practical exercises to build presentations in a new way.


  • working knowledge of Windows and PowerPoint.
  • you may wish to bring along a USB key to copy the exercises on the pc.

Duration: 1 day

Module C (Coaching)

The third module allows each¬†participant to verify the effectiveness of one or more of their professional presentations, reworked according to the teachings in Module A (the rework is done independently before attending this module). Alessandra will evaluate each presentation and, if desired, other participants will provide their feedback as well. As a presentation coach Alessandra knows what to watch for and knows how to hand-hold participants¬†in the right direction in order to improve (this is usually not the case when you show your presentation to a colleague). An individual presentation review can also be requested using the service “Slide Checkup” listed on the Services page.

Duration: 1 day.

How, When, Where?

There are many choices available, both in-house or off-site. Everyone can choose according to personal or company needs. If a business or group of people are interested, I can organize a training course during a weekend. I currently accept training engagements only in the Milan area.

My courses are information-rich, filled with examples and exercises. They are constantly updated based on new research in this field.

After one of my training sessions, you will have acquired practical knowledge and tools that you will put to good use in your presentations.

Other information

The instructor for all modules is Alessandra Cimatti
The course can be taught in Italian or in English.