International presentation and marketing services by Alessandra Cimatti

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Make better presentations with useful methods, actionable techniques and years of experience placed at your disposal.

Managers, sales teams and professionals in all fields prepare slide decks  for internal meetings and external events (meetings with clients, decision-makers, conferences, conventions, kick-offs…) but dread this activity.  Nevertheness, they know their presentations are below par and would like to be more confident, clear and incisive, while saving time and avoiding PowerPoint frustrations.  I can help with individual online coaching and classroom training (currently Milan area only). Whatever fits your needs.

My thirty-year international experience as manager and official spokesperson in multinational IT companies are part of the unique skill set that my clients appreciate.

What’s next?

Browse the Services and Training offerings available, get some marketing and presentation advice in my blog, read what my customers say about my services, and take a look at the free resources. If you have a particular requirement or suggestion, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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