Fatal attraction: the projection screen

22 April 2010

It happened again.

A good speaker, a good topic, a large and interested audience, but… the speaker frequently turned to look at the slides projected on the large screen behind him, effectively turning his back on much of the audience.

A speaker looking at the projection screen behind the stage

This was not necessary because:

  1. The stage was fitted with a couple of screens on the floor on each side facing the presenter, so he could have easily avoided turning his head away from the audience.
  2. He had a presentation remote, so he could have moved freely on the stage.

Next time you are up on stage, remember to keep your eyes on the audience as much as possible. Your presentation will be better.

5 Responses to “Fatal attraction: the projection screen”

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  2. Excellent point here, and I hate to say it, I’ve done it myself.

    When this happens, the audience doesn’t get the no-verbal facial expressions and gestures from the speaker that add so much to the presentation.

    Also, with his back to the audience, he misses opportunities to ‘check the temperature’ of his audience. He’s looking at the screen and can’t ‘read’ the facial expressions and body language of his audience.

    Thanks for the Post – I’ll practice more next time!

  3. slidecoach says:

    Fred, good point about “checking the temperature” of the audience, thanks for the comment!

  4. Good point! Most setups don’t have screens on the floor (except for formal large venues), but most presenters have their laptop facing them and can look at that. If they’ve practiced, a quick glance should be enough and then they can turn their attention to the audience.

    If presenters had a video of their presentation, they’d be horrified at seeing their back so much of the time. It happened to me and that’s how I learned my lesson!


  5. slidecoach says:

    Ellen, you are right, only if you see yourself on video would you realize your posture!